Taking flight online during lockdown

It's been a strange few months and thinking of all those who have struggled with such an incredibly difficult and unprecedented time.

I count myself incredibly fortunate to have been very busy with composition projects including two major commissions (more soon), not least of all a wonderful collaboration with soprano Belinda Evans. It all came about from the Facebook diary entries of creative catalyst Carole Bent, who said that instead of 'lockdown' she was going to 'look up'. Carole has recently held a series of suppers for STEAM (putting the arts into STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics), which she took online in April 2020. She asked if I would make a musical contribution - so instead of sharing something I had already written, I asked the fabulous Jennifer Henderson to write some words and contacted Belinda. 'Look Up' was uploaded for Carole's first online supper - and our Bluebird series began.

From totally a cappella, we ventured out into being part of Set Opera Free, an Twitter opera venture created by Aga Serugo Lugo, an aria Darkest Night with Tom Hutchinson (Principal Cornet), words by Andy Rashleigh and animation and video by Gary Andrews. This received over 9000 views on social media. Other Bluebirds have included the Tree of Life where we were part of the National Gerontology Conference; Adagio for a film by Gary Andrews and family; and other lovely poems by Jennifer Henderson and Norman Bissell.

The theme of nature and birds features throughout the Bluebirds. More are planned later in 2020, including further collaborations with other musicians and we're really looking forward to spreading some further Bluebird joy and happiness.

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