Rhythm of Light - Score and Parts PDF

Rhythm of Light is a suite of four movements celebrating the life and work of sculptor Barbara Hepworth which can be performed together, separately or with different pairings. The movement titles are based on some of the sculptor’s quotations which discuss her influences and artistic approaches. The title itself is inspired by her many mentions of both rhythm and light and within the music there are references to her wide scope of interests such as form, texture and dance.

Selected for the semi-finals of the Brass Band Association Conductor’s Competition, 15 June 2024, with Hammonds Band at Eccles Town Hall.

Commissioned and recorded by the Hepworth Band with Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant Funding. First performed by the Hepworth Band, conductor Ryan Watkins, at The Hepworth Wakefield, 4 September 2021.

Duration: 14 minutes

1.    Landscape  3:00

2.   Shadow cast by the sun  3:30

3.   Pavan and Galliard  3:00 [percussion revised 2024]

4.  Rhythm and dance and everything  4:30 [revised 2024]


Eb Soprano Cornet

Bb Solo Cornet

Bb Repiano Cornet

Bb Cornet 2

Bb Cornet 3

Bb Flugelhorn

Eb Solo Tenor Horn

Eb Tenor Horn 1

Eb Tenor Horn 2

Bb Baritone 1

Bb Baritone 2

Bb Trombone 1

Bb Trombone 2

Bass Trombone

Bb Euphonium

Eb Bass

Bb Bass

Percussion 1: timpani, suspended cymbal, tambourine

Percussion 2: marim­ba (or xylophone with soft sticks), shaker, triangle, glockenspiel, vibraphone, bass drum, snare drum, toms (3)

Percussion 3: snare drum, suspended cymbals (2), toms (3), tubular bells, tambourine, clash cymbals, temple blocks (3) (or wood blocks)

Percussion 4 (optional for Rhythm and dance and everything): marimba, tubular bells, wood block

Score and parts (pdf): £50
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