Robin Robin - Soprano & Piano

Robin Robin - Soprano & Piano

Words by Jennifer Henderson. Recorded by Belinda Evans and Stephen Marquiss, December 2013.

Robin Robin was written for soprano Belinda Evans to help raise funds for the Flying Colours Appeal.

The song is a quirky and offbeat look at a robin’s approach to life and the seasons, inspired by a resident of the lyricist’s garden in Berkshire.

Robin, Robin, fearless and bold,
when spring came dancing where were you?
Though days were warm the nights were cold,
for the year was young, and you were new.
“I was all tucked up in a feather bed,
safe on a shelf at the top of your shed,
my beak wide open waiting to be fed.”

Robin, Robin, when summer comes and
days are lazy in my garden,
you’re there to peck the picnic crumbs
before I’ve finished. “I beg your pardon!
You can say I’m pushy or call me rude –
I know that I’m a bird with attitude –
but this is my territory, that’s my food!”

Robin, Robin, in russet clad,
you glow like autumn all around!
While perching on my idle spade
you’re looking at me and then the ground;
when the other birds fly away, you’re loyal.
“So come on now, don’t cease your toil:
just get and dig some worms up from that soil!”

Robin, Robin, it’s going to freeze
when winter comes: what will you do?
Your ego’s the size of the tallest trees,
but you are small and I fear for you.
“There’s no need to worry: pay no regard,
what do I care if the ground is hard?
I’ll be tweeting my greeting from a Christmas card!”

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